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Recently returned from our family reunion. It was the best organized one ever, with an auction full of bargains for all, games for young and old, a friendly Family Feud competition, delicious Chuck Wagon breakfast and yummy pot-luck lunch/dinner.

But the best part of all was reconnecting, sharing what’s been going on since we saw each other last year. We talked about old times, good and not so good, and looked forward to better times to come.

We talked about the our ancestors, those who have passed on, our family tree, how our branches intertwined and how love is the tie that binds us all together. The treasured photo albums were brought out and memories flowed like tears.

The old timers talked about their aches and pains, but how, actually, they are doing pretty well. The little ones ran and played and laughed and glowed like little fireflies in the dusk.

We took pictures to treasure until next year. I can hardly wait ’til then 🙂

Family Reunion WP

Haven’t had much time for genealogy lately because I’ve been cleaning, sorting, tossing stuff. I’ve discovered things I’d forgotten we had and I’ve even taken time to walk down memory lane.

One of these walks brought me to long-forgotten photos and a reminder that they needed to be sorted, labeled, scanned and shared with family and friends.

I’m a visual person and when I can put a face with a name, I connect better. I love adding photos to my family tree because it makes the people and places more concrete, more real to me.

Digital photo files are easily labeled and saved to my online trees. But the old black and white photos I found while spring cleaning really need to be preserved before they fade away, taking my memories with them.

I’d like to know: how do you archive your photos? Do you have a favorite software that you use, or do you scan them directly into your computer and upload into your tree?