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This weekend, we attended a genealogy workshop sponsored by the Genealogy Friends of Plano Libraries, Inc. Held monthly, each program is full of good information and is an excellent opportunity to meet others who are researching their family trees.

The topic for Saturday was Wow, Whoa, Yikes! and dealt with internet research. Sandra Crowley put lots of personal examples into her presentation and provided handouts full of great websites to visit (available through the link above).

Since many of us spend more time in front of the computer than at a courthouse, digging through the attic or exploring cemeteries, we all thought this was a morning well spent. Now I’ll just have to remember to document every URL I go down because it’s so easy to get lost in cyberspace!

I’d like to know: have you found genealogical societies to be supportive and helpful in your family tree research?

… I have so many questions I would ask my parents.

Family History Writing Challenge – Write about someone you regret not asking more questions of when they were still living. 

I’d ask my Mom and Dad all about their parents, childhood and family life. About how they met, fell in love and married. About the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. About their hopes and dreams.

I’d ask about their travels and adventures. We’d go through the hundreds of photos with no information on them and they could tell me the stories about their friends and family I never met.

I’d show them the family tree I’ve made and they could help me fill in the blanks and tear down the brick walls.

We’d have such fun, if I could turn back time.

I’d like to know: what are some unanswered questions you have about your ancestors? Who else might be able to provide answers.

It’s official, I’m taking the Family History Writing Challenge, which runs all through February! Offered by The Armchair Genealogist, this attracted me because, although I find myself doing the mechanics of genealogy, I often need to put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard, and see what happens.

And also, my blog deserves more than an occasional post. So, here goes. I’m hoping to turn the corner on procrastination in both areas. Added incentive: Reading other people’s blog posts definitely inspires me, so I’ll bet I meet some interesting people with the same interests along the way!

I’d like to know: what are your favorite genealogy blogs?