The information on her death certificate says that my great Aunt Nora Beauchamp McQueen, my maternal grandfather Charles Lessley Beauchamp’s sister, was born in Rockwell (Rockwall?) Texas on March 27 1886. However, the 1900 US Census lists Norah Beauchamp born in Indiana in March 1888. The 1910, 1920,1930, 1940 and 1950 US Censuses also give Texas as her birthplace.

Since she lived most of her adult life in Pulaski County, AR, I’m curious as to why her parents Steven (Stephen) Ross Beauchamp and Ada Ann Thompson Beauchamp were in Texas at the time of her birth. This seems Out of Place and bears more research.

My first step will be to talk with my cousin who is Nora’s granddaughter and who lived in Arkansas near her grandmother. I will also sketch out a time line to get a feel about how Nora’s family moved from place to place during her lifetime.